On the weakness of security through obscurity:
"Si un système exigeant le secret se trouvait entre les mains d'un trop grand nombre d'individus, il pourrait être compromis à chaque engagement auquel l'un ou l'autre d'entre eux prendrait part."
(If a [cryptographic] system requiring a secret [algorithm] finds itself in the hands of too many individuals, it could be compromised at each engagement to which one or the other among them takes part.)
- Auguste Kerckhoffs, 1883
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Businesses which innovate in technology can only maintain their edge as long as their computing environment consistently delivers on performance, stability, and security. That's why they rely on Linux and open source software, because nothing else gives them unlimited freedom to innovate.

Starfish Systems delivers open source system consulting services, one success at a time.
Our expertise is your freedom. Now go out there and win.